Our Approach

Our Approach

Inventures provides technological consulting, mentorship and seed-level investment to entrepreneurs and teams starting web and mobile focused businesses. Our goal is to kick-start the first phase of business creation and help our partners build a product that is ready to receive a larger scale investment. We do this by coaching entrepreneurs in the areas of product development, team formation, business model identification, and helping navigate the common pitfalls of first time entrepreneurs. At the end of this phase, we work to help secure investment by introducing teams to later stage global and local angels and investment groups. When investing, we use a four tiered strategy in order to provide maximum impact for entrepreneurs.


As a seed stage investor, our initial investment of capital and technological services tends to be just enough to get through the first phase of business formation and in return we ask for a minority stake in the companies we fund. We access our network of local and international investors to help secure the necessary funding.

All investors provide a mix of funding and advice to help get start-ups off the ground. At Inventures, we believe that our strong technical roots and past entrepreneurial experience provide insight and guidance that is far more valuable than the capital that we provide.


Inventures play a unique role within the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey. In our past projects, we have provided product development teams, ready-to-use source code, and even played the role of interim CTO to help our portfolio companies get off the ground quickly and with a strong base.

For companies that already have a strong technical core, we are still able to provide a sounding board to help entrepreneurs identify their technological options, shore up potential technical risks, and help put together the first engineering team.


We know what it takes to create a successful company in the changing Turkish ecosystem, and we are looking to help pass on this knowledge. We help our entrepreneurs identify top strategic opportunities, adapt business models to a changing environment, avoid basic mistakes, and even provide management advice to help entrepreneurs get the most out of their teams.

4Business Development

Inventures provides a broad expertise from large brands’ e-commerce operations to new venture operations. Leveraging the position in both the internet and retail world, Inventures creates unique business development opportunities that accelerates the growth of the invested companies.

Together with our entrepreneurs and co-investors, Inventures is a deeply connected entity in the internet, e-commerce and retail world. Leveraging this position Inventures creates cross-portfolio synergies and partnerships with established players.