Current Portfolio

World’s Most Genuine Social Network

Thousands of topics from politics to football, relationships to fashion, are being discussed here everyday with 15 second videos! Millions of millennials are telling their stories by video on any subject.

Location Driven Mobile Technologies

Blesh provides location driven mobile technologies with its Beacons. Blesh is not an application, instead Blesh works as an add-on on your application which is based on Bluetooth technology; enables location tracking in an easy and convenient way. Once your application is loaded in customer’s smartphone you will be able to start receiving proximity notifications.

Innovative Real Estate Enterprise

Evtiko was founded in 2016 under the leadership of Sina Afra in partnership with local and foreign investors. Evtiko is a company that aims to bring an innovative perspective to the real estate sector by using technology infrastructure.

Natural and Organic Food Online Retailer

Natural and organic fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and bakery goods with same day procurement from the producer to ensure the delivery of only the freshest.

Magic in Your Cards

myGini is an integrated payments and shopping app. It brings cardholders and retailers together through MasterCard/Visa networks and financial institutions. Its aim is to offer a better card-linked shopping experience and to increase transactional volume.

Retail Backed Private Shopping Network

16 of Turkey’s top retail moguls got together to form what will be the best merchandised private shopping network in the country. With experience in the sector, Inventures was asked to play an important and strategic role as an operating board member for the well funded start-up..

Largest Sports Nutrition E-Commerce Retailer in Turkey

Supplementler.com, today, is the main distribution point for the most famous brands sold in Turkey. Its superior service quality, and best price policy are key differentiating factors in an industry where trust is really important.

E-commerce Solutions Provider

Ideasoft is a leading provider of state-of-the-art SaaS e-commerce solutions. Ideasoft’s Smart Ecommerce Suite is a high-performance software for internet sales, complemented by payment infrastructure, email marketing and accounting integrations.

Successful Exits

Turkey’s Leading Private Shopping Platform

Trendyol.com is an exclusive shopping club which offers top brands for sale during limited campaigns (3 to 6 days) that consumers need and that will improve their lives. Inventures was a founding partner and was acting CTO of Trendyol providing the backend architecture of the website. Inventures exitted the venture in conjuction with the $26 million dollar investment made by Kleiner Perkins in July 2011.

Turkey’s First Domestic Flight Search Engine

Bulucak.com developed by the R&D efforts of Inventures is Turkey’s first domestic flight search engine. Instead of losing time by searching for plane tickets on different airline websites before every flight, Bulucak.com users are able to list all domestic flights across all airlines on one website within seconds to help save both money and time.

Turkey’s Leading Online Chocolate Provider

ÇikolataSepeti has been pleasing chocolate lovers with its unique collection of delicate chocolates, user customized chocolate bars Cikolata.co and user customized chocolate telegrams Tatli Harfler.

Previous Ventures

Deal a Day

Firmanya, using the “deal a day business model”, is a mediator for online B2B transactions. By passing the benefits of zero capital marketing for the vendor and group buying power to the purchaser, Firmanya creates a win-win for all parties.

Intelligent Tariff Switching

Serbest Elektrik compares the most affordable electricity tariffs according to consumer needs and enables to switch to the most discounted electricity tariffs on demand.

Retail Human Resources Platform

PikCV (Retail Human Resources) provides customized HR solutions and consultancy services in the retail sector. With a standing CV database, embed tests and on demand web-cam based interview system, PikCV technologies provide all the essential requirements of the retail sector interviews.

Innovation and Idea Management Platform

We-decide offers organizations their own internal and-or external platforms for an efficient, transparent and engaging way to distill the collective intelligence and experience of their stakeholders around the organization’s challenges and needs. We-decide Platform offers user communities an underlying stock market simulation where users create ideas as stocks, trade them, develop them, evaluate and rank them.

Lifestyle Private Shopping Network

BonVagon is a home ware and lifestyle oriented shopping network, looking to gain significant market share in the niche non-clothing oriented space.